Without support for scientific and medical research, there would be no solution or hope for patients who suffer from diseases for which there is no effective treatment. Financial support leads to innovative treatments, which can be found HERE in Belgium. It supplies the best experts and the means to make discoveries that save and change lives.

Our role

The Foundation’s purpose: to undertake, promote, encourage, and finance scientific and medical research within the University HospitalBrugmann, located in Brussels.  

The Foundation’s role: to create bridges. Between the research laboratory and the hospital bed, and between the researcher and the patient. 

Our impact

Since its establishment in 2011, the Brugmann Foundation has awarded grants and supported almost 100 research projects. So far, 2 million euros has been redistributed to advance science. 

Among the projects funded by the Brugmann Foundation are studies on diverse and crucial subjects like premature births, the treatment of alcoholism, the diagnosis of cancer in the elderly, the safety of blood transfusions, and the mental health of caregivers in times of coronavirus.

The support of the Brugmann Foundation has led to decisive discoveries and breakthroughs, such as reducing the risk of relapse for people suffering from alcoholism, improving the safety of blood transfusions for people at risk of complications, or preventing anaemia in the foetus.

Your support

Financial support is a necessity to make a real difference. The Foundation is supported by the medical staff of the University Hospital Brugmann,
which has chosen to donate part of its income to research projects.

But this support is not enough.  You can make a difference. Join us as a donor.
Support through donations, legacies, sponsorships, and partnerships. All have an impact. Every bit counts.

As an example: a recent donation has enabled us to launch an ambitious research project
on the revalidation of patients disabled by Covid-19.

If your annual donations to the Brugmann Foundation amount to 40€ or more, you will get a tax certificate enabling you to benefit from a tax reduction of 45% on the total amount donated.

Latest News

Research on LRRK2 gene mutations in patients with Lewy Body Dementia

Research on LRRK2 gene mutations in patients with Lewy Body Dementia

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) is the second most common neurodegenerative cause of dementia after Alzheimer's disease. It is not characterised by difficulties in retaining new information like its more not...
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Covid-19 : how can you help ?

Covid-19 : how can you help ?

Support the daily research activities of the Brugmann Foundation ! Transfer your donation to the following account number :
IBAN: BE04 3630 9206 1831 – BIC: BBRUBEBB. Donations of 40 EUR a year are tax deductible.
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Lead project ‘elderly & wellbeing’

Lead project ‘elderly & wellbeing’

The objective of the study “Brief Interventions for Sleep in Elderly Patients" (BISleEP)” carried out in the framework of the main theme of the Brugmann Foundation is to study the sleep of elderly...
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