Alcohol dependence

Coordinateur: Dr. Salvatore Campanella

Coordinator: Dr. Salvatore Campanella

Coördinator: Dr. Salvatore Campanella

Alcohol dependence remains a dominant public health problem. In fact, despite detoxification cures, psychotherapy, and medication, more than 50% of alcohol-dependent patients, although determined to stop their consumption, fail, and relapse within three months. A critical cause of this situation is associated with the dominant cognitive functions (attention, inhibition) that have been altered in the cerebral functioning of these patients. Our research consists of evaluating these functions to find cerebral markers capable of predicting which patients are at high risk of relapse at the end of their treatment. In turn, this will notably allow us to redirect these patients towards cognitive training programmes, which are likely to increase their chances of remaining abstinent.

Click here to listen to the interview with Professor Salvatore Campanella, senior researcher FNRS-ULB-CHU Brugmann and laureate of the Brugmann Foundation on the theme "Alcohol and impact on the brain" (in French).