The Foundation

The Brugmann Foundation, a Public utility Foundation created in 2011, aims to undertake, promote, encourage and finance, in any form whatsoever, scientific and medical research, more particularly within the University Hospital Brugmann or within the framework of networks of which it is a member.

In particular, the Foundation carries out the following activities:

To initiate and support clinical and scientific research projects in all the disciplines represented within the University Hospital Brugmann.

Promote medico-scientific and technological partnerships with other hospital and university establishments, both Belgian and foreign.

Gather the means to enable the University Hospital Brugmann with a hospital environment conducive to clinical research, to encourage and develop a scientific programme ensuring a continuum between the laboratory and the patient.

Support the development of clinical research.

Organization of the Foundation

  • General Management : Kathleen Hayen

Scientific Commitee

  • Professor Arsène Burny (FA Gembloux – FNRS Télévie), President of the Commmitee
  • Professor Robert Muller (NMR and Molecular Imaging Laboratory – UMH Mons)
  • Professor Jean-Louis Vincent (Intensive Care – ULB)
  • Professor Johan Kips (Director – Hospital Erasmus)
  • Professor Vincent Donckier (Abdominal transplantation – ULB)
  • Professor Isabelle Salmon (Pathological Anatomy, Erasmus Hospital, ULB)
  • Professor Joëlle Nortier (Nephrology, Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation, Erasmus Hospital, ULB)
  • The secretariat of the Committee is provided by Professor Jean-Marie de Meyer

Board of Directors

  • Marcel Verslype, President
  • Jean-Jacques Body
  • Olivier Michel
  • Anne Rogiers
  • Serge Schultz
  • Alain Van den Eynde
  • Isabelle Van Milders