Wilfrid Palcy will run for the Brugmann Foundation!


In 2016, after completing 52 semi marathons in 52 weeks across 5 continents and meeting hundreds of people, Wilfrid Palcy witnessed the impact that running has not only as a powerful way to experience a country’s culture but also as an opportunity to enhance tolerance and promote cross cultural understanding by becoming truly connected to a community. With the creation of the European Capitals of Culture, many countries have defined their culture with music, sport, food, or religion. Project Running1000+ seeks to highlight these unique cultural elements that create beautiful experiences across Europe.

Running1000+ is a unique and larger concept that will involve groups of runners from different cities. The goal is to run 60 half marathons in 120 days across 60 cities (designated European Capitals of Culture), for a combined total of 1260km. That’s one half-marathon every second day!

During Running1000+, Wilfrid will bring together groups of people from each city to compete in a 21km race.

For whom ?

In Belgium Wilfrid will run for the Brugmann Foundation, to support the design and creation of a therapeutic garden benefiting patients of the Neurological Revalidation Unit .

When ?

10/5/2018 Bruges
12/5/2018 Brussels
14/5/2018 Antwerp
16/5/2018 Mons

How can you help ?
  • Join Wilfrid and run a semi-marathon with him!
  • If you want to make a donation, you can do so on the day of the race.
  • If the theme of neurological revalidation is of particular interest to you, you can decide to make an important donation. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the way forward.

Donations of 40€ a year are tax deductible.