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History & missions

The Brugmann Foundation is a public utility foundation created in 2011 that aims to perform scientific and medical research, to promote, encourage and finance it, within the University Hospital Brugmann or in the framework of the network it is part of.

Through mandates, credits and projects it financially supports, the Brugmann Foundation intends to promote scientific knowledge, support training of doctors and guarantee quality services to patients.

The ultimate goal of the Foundation is to provide patients with the most effective treatments. To achieve this, the best scientists and clinicians from around the world should be attracted and development of new drugs and innovative approaches stimulated.

>Take a look at our 2017 activity reportPDF.

Laboratory research

Foundation & statutes

CHU BrugmannThe CHU Brugmann is one of the biggest Brussels hospitals. As a University Hospital, it has been involved for a long time in research activities, both at a regional and international level. This involvment is based on the belief that an active participation in the scientific progress requires a constant investment.

Consequently, the Brugmann Foundation was established as a private foundation on August 24, 2011 (Cf. statutesPDF) to support the research activities carried out by the practitioners of the hospital.

In 2012, the Foundation was officially registered as a public utility foundation in the Belgian Official Journal “Moniteur belge” (Cf. amended statutesPDF) under reference number 0839.235.387.