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Call for projects 2020

Under Article 4 of its statutes, the Brugmann Foundation aims to “perform scientific and medical research, to promote, encourage and finance it, within the University Hospital Brugmann or in the framework of the network it is part of”.

Through mandates, credits and projects it financially supports, the Brugmann Foundation aims to promote scientific knowledge, support training of doctors and guarantee quality services to patients.

In the framework of its objectives, the Foundation launches a call for projects in three categories :

  • Credits for short stay abroad for nursing/paramedical staff/doctor/pharmacist/biologist
  • Research mandate for 1 year for a doctor or  pharmacist/ biologist
  • Research grant (material or personnel).

The proposals submitted will be examined by an independent medical Committee.

Based on the recommendations of this Committee, the Board of Directors of the Brugmann Foundation will award the credits and mandates.

Calendar :

  • Publication of call for projects on April 7th, 2020
  • Submission of projects by July 20th, 2020, midnight
  • Decision by the Board of Directors by end of September 2020
  • Award of credits, mandates and grants and launching of projects in October 2020

The projects need to be submitted by E-mail, by July 20th, 2020 at the latest.

Interested candidates are requested to submit their application through specific forms.
You can request the forms by sending an E-mail.

Projects submitted beyond this deadline will not be taken into account anymore for the 2020 credits, mandates and grants.

Candidates need to be part of the staff of the University Hospital Brugmann. Regarding research mandates and stays abroad, the candidates have to commit themselves, at the time of submitting their application, to remain employed for 2 full years by the University Hospital Brugmann, after termination of the project or stay abroad.
If the candidate does not fulfill this condition, he/she will be requested to reimburse the totality of the grant awarded.

Credits are awarded on the basis of a project that needs to demonstrate its originality and which exactly describes what is the current research’ state of the art, as well as the work hypothesis, the methodology and the available means to reach the goals. The preliminary budget, which needs to be added to the project, will need to be sufficiently detailed in order to allow to evaluate the feasibility of the project and to check whether the requested budget corresponds with the set objectives.

Credits are awarded on a one-year basis and the amount approved should be spent within 24 months after the date the grant is awarded.

The grant covers all costs needed to render the project successful; after submission of invoices, the Brugmann Foundation will proceed to reimbursement of the costs incurred.