2015-2016 Awards ceremony


What the Brugmann Foundation realises today, can save your life tomorrow

Each year, the Brugmann Foundation awards scholarships and supports projects aimed at developing scientific knowledge and contributing to training and quality of doctors and researchers and the care they provide to patients.

The University Hospital Brugmann is one of the largest Brussels hospitals and an essential link in health care services in the Capital of Europe. As a university institution it is crucial to develop and promote scientific research. This role is assumed by the Brugmann Foundation.

The awards ceremony took place in the Library of the Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation on Monday November 30th, in the presence of the laureates and their promoters and of the board members and Scientific Committee members of the Brugmann Foundation.

The laureates :

  • Psychiatry : Mr Salvatore Campanella and Mr Xavier Noël
  • Plastic surgery : Dr Anaïs Legrand
  • Neuroradiology : Dr Chiara Mabiglia
  • Clinical biology : Dr Hanane El Kenz
  • Ophthalmology : Dr Emmanuelle Leys
  • Anesthesiology : Dr Ida Stany